Chinese white tea

Chinese white tea is a rare treasure, people can only adapt to the taste of oriental people, can learn to appreciate the wonderful fragrance of Chinese white tea. The name of white tea is because the color of this tea is very clear.

Compared with black tea, green tea and semi-fermented tea, white tea is made of pure nature. After picking, in order to remove the moisture of these tender leaf buds, it is first dried and then dried. This tea making method does not need fermentation at all.

China’s white tea production is small, as little as snow in May.

White tea is not only a drink, but also can bring enjoyment, tea drinking is a quiet and leisurely symbol.

White tea can be divided into big white, small white, daffodils white, white silver needle, white peony, Gongmei, Shoumei and so on. Among them white silver needle and white peony quality is superior.