Three common methods of brewing white tea

1. glass brewing method

Take appropriate amount of white tea, put it in the glass, wash the tea warm and smell, then brew the white tea directly with boiling water, the brewing time is freely grasped according to the taste of the individual.

Advantages: easy to use

Disadvantages: suitable for one person to drink alone, not suitable for hospitality guests.

2. Cover Bowl Brewing

Take appropriate amount of white tea into the cover bowl, brew with boiling water, pour into a fair cup and then divide the soup into tea.

Advantages: practical, suitable for two to seven people to drink, with a cover bowl of tea, can better release the aroma.

Disadvantages: test the level of tea making, too fast water taste will be light, too slow taste will be too strong.

3. purple sand pot

Take appropriate amount of white tea into the pot, boiling water brewing, soup can be drunk.

Advantages: enlarge the mellow taste of tea soup, so the properties of purple sand pot are more suitable for brewing old white tea.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to watch the change of tea.